Apr 27, 2009

Reading: Frye Museum - Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease

Sunday May 3, 2009
2 pm

Beyond Forgetting is a unique collection of poetry and short prose about Alzheimer’s disease written by 100 contemporary writers—doctors, nurses, social workers, hospice workers, family members —whose lives have been touched by this tragic disease. Through the transformative power of writing, their words enable the reader to move “beyond forgetting,” beyond the stereotypical portrayal of Alzheimer’s disease to honor the dignity of those afflicted. Published in spring 2009 by Kent State University Press as part of their Literature and Medicine series and with a foreword by poet Tess Gallagher, this anthology forms a richly textured, literary portrait encompassing the full range of the experience of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Frye is honored to host the first public reading from Beyond Forgetting. Readers are poet Tess Gallagher, editor/poet Holly Hughes, and contributors Jane Alynn, Lana Hechtman Ayers, Joanne Clarkson, Nancy Dahlberg, John Davis, Alice Derry, Arthur Ginsberg, Joseph Green, Esther Altshul Helfgott, Denise Calvetti Michaels, and Kay Mullen. The book will be available for purchase at the event.

Alzheimer's & Poetry through the Ages

My blog today is the result of Poetry through the Ages
If you haven't seen it, give a click, especially the node section.

Apr 22, 2009

A Translation Experiment

Designed by aka for the WPA

Saturday 25 April 7P
$8 advance ticket sales


Can you dance a poem? Can you arrange a poem in flowers? Can you move a poem from language to language without losing its message? I want to know.

7pm - "Translation Panel" includes guests Lyn Coffin (poet & translator), Vanessa DeWolf (performance artist & writer), Andrea Lingenfelter (literary translator), Zachary Schomberg (poet and literary translator) and Debby Watt (experimental musician, vocalist, performer).

8pm - “Around the World in Poetry.” An hour of multi-lingual readers in the Hugo House theatre, non-poets from other cultures will share a favorite poem.Hebrew, Romanaccio, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

9pm - “A Translation Experiment.” Five artists will present one secret source poem (hidden from the public until the end) in their various "languages." After you see/hear/watch the poem performed multiple times in various genres, you will be asked to write the poem and contribute it to a visual art piece. On your way out, you will be given a sealed envelop with the source poem in it. It is up to you when you open this (straight away or much later in the comfort of your own home).

This day-long festival also includes a morning translation workshop by local literary translator Andrea Lingenfelter, who will work from Chinese (cost $60), and an afternoon workshop with WA State Poet Laureate Sam Green who will work with poetry as a translation of the life experience (cost $80). Register for a workshop. Just before the evening experiment, there is a panel discussion on translation moderated by literary journalist Dave Jarecki of Portland, OR. This is included in your ticket price. Tickets will be on sale at the door for $10 starting at 6:30pm.

Apr 21, 2009

It's About Time Writers, Thurs. May 14, '09

Thurs. May 14, 2009 #237 features Rochelle Kochin, Carmen Germain, Josh Isaac + Emily Warn on The Writer's Craft.

Emily Warn is the author of The Leaf Path, The Novice Insomniac, and Shadow Architect all from Copper Canyon Press in 2008. Her poems and essays appear in Poetry, The Kenyon Review, Blackbird, BookForum, The Bloomsbury Review, and The Writer’s Almanac. She has taught creative writing for Lynchburg College in Virginia, was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and most recently served as the founding editor of poetryfoundation.org. She will be speaking on Poetry and Personal Identity.

Rochelle Kochin and her husband Levis Kochin live in Seattle where they raised their four children. Since retiring from Boeing, Rochelle spends her time writing, traveling and telling stories to her American and Israeli grandchildren. Her short story Angel of Death appeared in the second volume of Drash.

Joshua Isaac, 36, has been expressing himself creatively since childhood with several published pieces of poetry, prose and an award winning documentary film. But his work has been defined by his ongoing eleven year battle with cancer. This Seattle native finds that his greatest gifts are his wife and three children. Josh's film "My Left Hand" is at http://mylefthand-themovie.com/default.aspx

Carmen Germain is a co-director of the Foothills Writers Series, Peninsula College, Port Angeles. Pathwise Press published Living Room, Earth, in 2002, and Cherry Grove published These Things I Will Take with Me in 2008. On academic sabbatical in 2007-2008, Carmen was a Visiting Artist/Scholar at the American Academy in Rome, working on a manuscript and researching the work of the Italian post-war writer Elsa Morante. She and her husband live in northern British Columbia in the summer.

Apr 10, 2009

THE LENIN POEMS– Our First Strut

First public reading of THE LENIN POEMS
Friday 17 April at 6:30pm at the Phinney Neighborhood Association

THE LENIN POEM judges are happy to announce that we received over 50 beautiful Lenin poems – poems both small and light, large and serious, in English and Russian, and in rhyming and free verse. We want to thank the poets of Fremont, and of the world, for taking on this challenge. Someone from Austria submitted work! And we think all of their hard work is worth celebrating and want to begin by sharing some of the submissions at The Phinney Center on Friday 17 April 2009. We welcome you to join us. The reading will be 30 minutes long.

THE LENIN POEMS will strut their stuff on Friday 17 April at 6:30pm at “Art On The Ridge,” an event organized by Nicole Stremlow-Monahan at the Phinney Neighborhood Association. A Lenin Poem contest winner has not been chosen. This reading offers a sneak peek into the submissions that sit now on the desks of comrades & judges Vanessa DeWolf, Gregory Crosby and A. K. Allin.

THE LENIN POEMS was conceived of by poet/artist A. K. “Mimi” Allin(aka "The Poetess at Green Lake"). There is a statue of Vladimir Lenin outside of the Space Building in downtown Fremont where the artist has a studio. As do many Fremont residents, the artist passes the statue everyday. She knows its history, where it was cut to be disassembled for transport, the name of its artist, buyer and seller, and its current cost. She even knows the dates it was made, discarded, re-found and shipped to the U.S. She knows that those bronze chunks behind the figure are meant to be the flames of revolution and that the statue stands 16 feet tall while Vladimir himself stood 5.5 feet tall. But what the artist DOES NOT KNOW is how the people of Fremont feel about this statue and how Lenin feels about the people of Fremont and what that all might mean to the people who live here and visit. I asked the poets to begin to explain. And they have.

April 1st 2009 was our contest deadline. Submissions are now being compiled and sent to the judges. Judges will take two months to consider a winner. Once a winner is chosen, that one poem will be cast in bronze and placed with the statue. The judges will then choose the best of the rest to be included in a print publication called "The Lenin Poems," to be “publicly poured” over the statue on 4 July 2009. This "pouring" will read as both performance and publication date. The hope is that these poems will be seen, taken, read and remembered.

17 April 2009
Phinney Neighborhood Association
6532 Phinney Ave N Room #1
Art On The Ridge

Apr 9, 2009

Untitled [Intersection] - Friday 24 April 2009

The Formula Is Back!


Friday 27 April 2009
7PM at The Phinney Center
6532 Phinney Ave N (Seattle)
$5 -10 includes wine reception

POETRY. Shin Yu Pai is the author or seven books of poetry, including most recently, Sightings: Selected Works (2000 - 2005) and Works on Paper. She is the recipient of grants from 4Culture and the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs. She has collaborated with theatre and dance companies, composers and visual artists. For more information, visit http://shinyupai.com

PERFORMANCE ART. Kris Wheeler has been making for over 20 years. Kris Wheeler came to Seattle to study Skinner Releasing Technique in 1974. She soon became a member of the dance company Joan Skinner directed (American Contemporary Dance Company, re-named Skinner Releasing Dance Company) and performed in collaboration with fabulous musicians, locally and on tour, for the next decade. Having danced with Danny Lepkoff for a year in the early 70's, she introduced contact improvisation to the Seattle community and hosted regular contact jams. Aerial dance became her passion from the mid-80's to mid-90's, flying over stages around the country with Robert Davidson Dance Company. She taught in the Skinner Releasing Summer Intensives for 13+ years, at the University of Washington for 6 years and one summer at Naropa Institute. She is a psychotherapist with 23 years of private practice, and continues to dance and perform locally.


Apr 2, 2009

May, June 2009 readings + sign-up time

There is no It's About Time reading in April due to Passover

Here are the May and June line-ups.

Thurs. May 14, 2009 #237 Rochelle Kochin, Carmen Germain, Josh Isaac + Emily Warn on The Writer's Craft

Thurs. June 11, 2009 #238 Deborah Woodard, Michael Daley, Priscilla Long + Bethany Reid on The Writer's Craft

To sign up for a reading, check the About Time site and email me your date preferences