Apr 22, 2009

A Translation Experiment

Designed by aka for the WPA

Saturday 25 April 7P
$8 advance ticket sales


Can you dance a poem? Can you arrange a poem in flowers? Can you move a poem from language to language without losing its message? I want to know.

7pm - "Translation Panel" includes guests Lyn Coffin (poet & translator), Vanessa DeWolf (performance artist & writer), Andrea Lingenfelter (literary translator), Zachary Schomberg (poet and literary translator) and Debby Watt (experimental musician, vocalist, performer).

8pm - “Around the World in Poetry.” An hour of multi-lingual readers in the Hugo House theatre, non-poets from other cultures will share a favorite poem.Hebrew, Romanaccio, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

9pm - “A Translation Experiment.” Five artists will present one secret source poem (hidden from the public until the end) in their various "languages." After you see/hear/watch the poem performed multiple times in various genres, you will be asked to write the poem and contribute it to a visual art piece. On your way out, you will be given a sealed envelop with the source poem in it. It is up to you when you open this (straight away or much later in the comfort of your own home).

This day-long festival also includes a morning translation workshop by local literary translator Andrea Lingenfelter, who will work from Chinese (cost $60), and an afternoon workshop with WA State Poet Laureate Sam Green who will work with poetry as a translation of the life experience (cost $80). Register for a workshop. Just before the evening experiment, there is a panel discussion on translation moderated by literary journalist Dave Jarecki of Portland, OR. This is included in your ticket price. Tickets will be on sale at the door for $10 starting at 6:30pm.

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