Aug 27, 2010

Vermont Studio Center Fellowship

Vermont Studio Center - Upcoming Fellowship Deadline
Applications due by October 1st, 2010

The Vermont Studio Center provides 4-12 week studio residencies on an historic 30-building campus along the Gihon River in Johnson, Vermont, a village in the heart of the northern Green Mountains.

VSCa wards a number of fellowships for 4-week residencies throughout the year. Open to all artists and writers. In addition to VSC Fellowships, a variety of special fellowships are also available for full or partial funding. Please visit our website for more information and to downloadan application:

NANO: Flash fiction/prose poem/micro essay contest

NANO Fictionis now accepting entries for the Second Annual NANO Prize. $500 and publication will be awarded to a flash fiction piece, prose poem, or micro essay of 300 words or less.

The entry fee is $15 for the first three pieces and $2 for each additional piece. Each entrant will also receive a one year subscription to NANO Fiction. All submitted pieces will be considered for publication. Previously published work will not be accepted and all entrants will be notified of the winner by email in October.

Contest deadline is August 31, 2010.

Entry instructions at

Call for submissions: Soundings

Soundings is currently reading for the fall issue, including our two contests, Founders' Circle Award and First Publication Contest. Deadline for these for the fall issue is September 15, but any submissions received at that time will be considered for the spring issue. All entries are considered for publication in the magazine.
Founders' Circle: $300 award, open to all except staff of the magazine. All genres, prose and poetry.
Length: poetry up to two pages; prose (fiction or nonfiction) up to 3,000 words. Entry fee: $5 for WIWA (Whidbey Island Writers Association) members; $7 for nonmembers. Winner receives publication and $300 and publication. Follow standard submission guidelines for magazine: 12 pt. Times Roman font, double space prose, include small SASE for response or larger envelope for return of manuscript. Write "Founders Circle Contest" on manuscript.

First Publication Contest: $100 award, open to those who have never before published in a book or magazine open to national submissions nor in a publication advertised or circulated nationally. Entry fee: $5 for WIWA members; $7 for nonmembers. Follow standard submission guidelines for magazine: 12 pt. Times Roman font, double space prose, include small SASE for response or larger envelope for return of manuscript. Write "First Publication Contest " on the manuscript. All entries will be considered for publication.

Currently, Soundings Review reads all year. Manuscripts received too late for one issue will be considered for the next. Published authors include Kelli Russel Agodon, Marvin Bell, Larry Cheek, Lorraine Healy, Bruce Holland Rogers, and David Wagoner. Full guidelines at our Website.

Philip Levine Prize

$2000 prize and publication by Anhinga Press

Final Judge: Brian Turner

Postmark Deadline: 9/30/10

Previous Winners: Sarah Wetzel, Shane Seely, Neil Aitken, Lynn Chandhok, Roxane Beth Johnson, Steve Gehrke, Fleda Brown.

2010 Guidelines
Manuscript should be original poetry, not previously published in book form, 48- 80 pages, no more than one poem per page. Include two manuscript title pages: one with name and contact information and one with the name of the manuscript ONLY. Manuscripts are screened and judged anonymously. Multiple submissions are fine as long as the manuscript is withdrawn immediately upon its acceptance elsewhere.

The entry fee is $25. Checks should be made out to "CSU Fresno Levine Prize." Poets can submit more than one manuscript, but each will be considered a separate entry and must be accompanied by the $25 fee. Email Connie Hales at <connieh(at)> (replace (at) with @)

Ohio State University Press/The Journal Award in Poetry

The Journal, the literary magazine of The Ohio State University, selects one full-length manuscript of poetry each year for publication by The Ohio State University Press. In addition to publication under a standard book contract, the winning author receives the Charles B. Wheeler prize of $3,000.
Entries of at least 48 typed pages of original poetry must be postmarkedduring the month of September.

Entries postmarked later than September 30 will be returned unread. Clear photocopies are acceptable.

Your name or other identification should only appear on the cover page.
Manuscripts must be previously unpublished. Some or all of the poems in the collection may have appeared in periodicals, chapbooks, or anthologies, but these must be identified.
Include a nonrefundable handling fee of $25.00 (U.S. dollars) with each manuscript (check or money order payable to The Ohio State University). Entrants will receive a one-year subscription (two issues) to The Journal.
Include a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope so we can notify you of the results. Manuscripts will not be returned.
If you wish us to confirm receipt of your manuscript, include a stamped, self-addressed postcard. The winning entry will be announced by the following January 15.
OSU Press assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged manuscripts.
Mail to:
Poetry Editor
The Ohio State University Press
180 Pressey Hall
1070 Carmack Road
Columbus OH 43210-1002

Aug 21, 2010

New Madrid: call for submissions - water issue

New Madrid will dedicate the Winter 2011 issue to the viability of water as resource and symbol. We're looking for submissions that incorporate lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, rain in all its guises (hurricanes, monsoons, floods), rituals involving water, recreational uses of water, etc. We're also interested in work that addresses such concerns as access to water, potability of water, water pollution, water rights, water tables,... and water-borne diseases. Our hope is to explore the threat of water scarcity from the vantage point of a number of literary genres and a number of philosophical, religious, social, psychological and economic perspectives.

Submissions will be accepted between August 15 and October 15.

Please note: we accept online submissions only. All submissions must be sent via our online Submission Manager. Please see our website for guidelines.

Guidelines available at:

Rock Saw Press poetry chapbook series

RockSaw Press will be reading from April 8th through August 31st, 2010. Anything postmarked before or after these dates will be returned unread. We will only be considering manuscripts of poetry during this reading period. Between January and May 2011, RockSaw Press will publish three poetry chapbooks, one of which will be the winner of the inaugural Blue Skunk Poetry Series contest, judged by Steve Gehrke. See guidelines below.

General Submission Guidelines:

Submissions of poetry manuscripts should be under 24 pages. Please number pages in manuscript with each new poem starting on a new page. One submission per author at a time. If you hear back from us within the reading window, feel free to submit another manuscript. Include a SASE for response. If you want receipt confirmation, also include as addressed and stamped postcard.

Include a cover page with name, address, e-mail, phone number and title of manuscript. Also include a title page with just the title of the manuscript. Author name must not appear on the manuscript.
We cannot return manuscripts so do not send your only copy. Simultaneous submissions ok if noted and we are informed immediately if accepted elsewhere.

Previously published work is fine, so long as it hasn't been published in book form (chapbook or full length).

Blue Skunk Poetry Series
Submission Guidelines:
To read a little about the series, the hows, whys, and whatfors, visit

Follow general submission guidelines plus:
Add to cover page: Contest submission.
A non-refundable reading fee of $7.00 should be made payable to RockSaw Press, or paid with well-concealed cash.

Winner will receive 20 copies of the chapbook and a $100 prize (prize amount may increase depending on amount of submissions).

Finalists for the contest will be judged by Steve Gehrke.
Gehrke was raised in Mankato, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a Ph.D., where he was poetry editor of the Missouri Review. He teaches at Gettysburg College. His work has appeared in The Georgia Review, Indiana Review, Slate, The Iowa Review, and The Kenyon Review. In 1999, he received the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, in 2002 the Philip Levine Prize in Poetry, and in 2009 the Lannan Foundation, Marfa Residency. His books include The Resurrection Machine, published in 2000, The Pyramids of Malpighi, published in 2004, and Michelangelo's Seizure in 2007.

Submissions not selected for the Blue Skunk Poetry Series will be considered for general publication.

(We only take snail mail submissions)
All submissions should be mailed to:

RockSaw Press
317 ½ E. Main St.
Mankato, MN 56001

All guidelines can be found on our website, <>. Any questions can be addressed to Jorge Evans, Managing Editor, at <rocksawpress(at)> (replace (at) with @). <>.

Aug 8, 2010

Motif 2 Available; Call for Motif 3

The second annual volume in the Motif Anthology Series just arrived from the printer! I’m proud my poem “One Sperm” is published in Motif 2: Come What May, An Anthology of Writings about Chance.

We all are marked by some chance encounter, some happenstance in our lives, some bit of good luck or misfortune, a missed opportunity or a fleeting glimpse, some salvation through the kind-hearted actions of others. We might even argue that a good portion of our literary inspiration probably comes from witnessing some unplanned moment with an unusual outcome. Volume 2 of the Motif Anthology Series represents many of those random occasions. Motif 2: Come What May, An Anthology of Writings about Chance is brimming with the best short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and song lyrics that speak to the theme of chance. 136 writers provide their literary notions on this motif, a theme tied together with the elusive twines of accident, coincidence, fluke, prospect, and mystery.

Motif 2: Come What May is published by MotesBooks (Louisville, Ky) and is the second anthology in the annual series. Motif 1: Writing by Ear, An Anthology of Writings about Music was published in 2009. Both anthologies are available directly from the publisher. To order:

To submit to their next anthology on the theme WORK: