Aug 19, 2009

Call for Submissions: 100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest

Deadline: October 20, 2009

This is our third contest, our third opportunity to receive inspiring short fiction. We are celebrating with two prizes for a total of five. An innovation is the posting, on our website, of our checkmark evaluation grid. Now entrants will see what the "grid" is all about.

The theme is open--We welcome whimsy, allegory, mystery, romance, fable, humor, love, fantasy, even horror.

Awards: $400 (first), $200 (second), $100 (third) $50 (fourth) and $50 (fifth).

Winning stories are published on the website and ten Honorable Mentions listed by name of author and name of story.

Entry Fee: $15; with Scored checkmark evaluation: $18. A critique is $12, or with entry and checkmark, $30.

Please look into our website for guidelines, plus past winning stories and examples of critiques.

1 comment:

idore said...

Dear Jeff,

The contest absolutely beams in your classy format.

Thank you very much!