Oct 16, 2010

PLOP! avant garde reading and arts series tonight

8:00 tonight
Location: need-to-know basis. Email plopliteraryseries@gmail.com to RSVP and receive location info.
See also http://plopliteraryseries.blogspot.com/
and Facebook!

Starring (in order of appearance)
Josie Davis as The Impresario
Paul Pauper as The Bard
Matty Byloos as The Storyteller
Paco-Michelle Atwood as The Witch
Miko Kuro as Midnight Tea
Evan J. Peterson as The Monster

complimentary chocolate pie, wine, and tea
not-so-complimentary artists' cds and books available 

$10 to see the show. Half the ticket price will be refunded to ladies and nervous persons who faint dead from fright during the performance.

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