May 2, 2011

New Writing and Publishing Group being formed -- Chrysanthemum Writers Group

Koon Woon is asking those of you who are interested in writing in any genre to gather to support, give feedback, share, and learn from one another. We will be having an organization meeting at the Common Ground Coffee and Cupcake Shop in Renton, WA. on May 22, 2011 at 2pm. The coffee shop is located at 900 3rd Street in Renton. The phone number is (425) 235 - 1717.

Everyone is welcome. Common Ground coffee and cupcake shop as free Wi-Fi and generally a pleasant place to study or to write, to meet others for literary discussions, and to just have coffee and relax.

If you are interested please call Koon Woon at (206) 329 - 5566 or email We will also discuss the business side of running a magazine, a small literary press, and other promotional ideas for one's writing or books. Let's meet and share our experiences and connections with writing and publishing. Also, poetry and other readings can be arranged at the cafe.

Hope to see you there. Bring your ideas!

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