Aug 23, 2011

Call for submissions: [out of nothing]

(this one I kinda dig...JE)

[out of nothing], an electronic publication interested in new works in image, sound, text, and the intersections between these media, is now open to submissions for its sixth issue: "in the mirror, a sleep, a spectral nothing."

Please submit your textual, aural, visual, poly/ambi-medial work to us at <shelling.peanuts(at)> [replace (at) with @].

Deadline: October 31, 2011
Complete submissions guidelines are available at:

Prospective contributors would be well-advised to consult our earlier publications at as a guide to the type of work we're interested in: to supplement this understanding and ideally stimulate your thinking about a new piece made particularly to address the issues that consume, or rather, are consumed by us, we offer the following potential topics:
> the vacuum
> salvage / remainders
> imaginary spaces possessed of imaginary dimensions
> darkness / lightlessness
> reduced or infinitesimal means
> the exponential
> self-abnegating symbols
> the blank
> obliteration
> the inconsequential
> refusal
> the contentless / general contentlessness
> the generic and / or undifferentiated and / or the contra-original
> adhesive agents in search of clients to bind
> none of the above or below

Electronic submissions only. Please allow 3 - 6 months response time.
Eds., [out of nothing]

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