Oct 3, 2011

The Esoterics perform Naturalia next weekend

Deirdre Lockwood, one of our own, sent me this news today; I'm happy to pass it along:

I just wanted to let you know that things worked out wonderfully in the collaboration with Christina Whitten Thomas, the composer you connected me with--thanks again so much for passing on my name to her. The Esoterics, a Seattle choir, are performing Christina's piece (setting a poem I wrote for the project), as well as many other incredible musical settings of poems about nature (including poems by Emily Dickinson and A.R. Ammons, plus many other poems in Icelandic, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian!) in two shows in Seattle next weekend, in case you or any of the other poets are interested (I'll be out of town for a wedding but Christina will be there). Here's the info: http://theesoterics.org/Concerts/NATURALIA.aspx  I went to the first show last night and it was really wonderful.

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