Jul 12, 2012

Back To The Beat - reading opportunity at Wallingford Center

Got this message a while back. I've been meaning to post it on the blog:
Good morning Jeff: I thought you might be interested in learning about the Spoken Word forum at our art gallery. We had a very successful opening last night and would like to extend an invitation to your members to share their writings of poems in an intimate setting. We call this project Back To The Beat. We are located in the Wallingford Center in north Seattle, at 1818 N 45th St (45th and Wallingford Ave). Back to the Beat is held Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm. The building itself closes at 8 pm, so those wishing to participate need to be inside by that time. For more information see our blog: http://kerfinternationalexhibits.blogspot.com/ Best Regards, Tony Huss

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Beth said...

I'd be totally into getting involved with this!