Aug 25, 2012

Black Buried: An Outdoor Reading in Fremont (Sunday at 6pm)

From Greg Bem:

I've been recruited and have agreed to host an outdoor poetry event that was organized in under 24 hours, and is NOT under the mysterious moniker of "ghost tokens" but is equally mysterious and equally instantaneous, though perhaps even more so and thus unequally, and equally in public and equally outdoors. It features visiting poets, local poets, and a band, and has not yet been condoned by the microcosm of Fremont, though we don't care about that, do we? It will take place on the water of our glorious unionized lake, though just how it morphs is dependent upon you and definitely not me. We will meet at the listed address (see below) and relocate to a relatively quiet aquatic overlook. Bring your flannel, or your hoodie, as it's already autumn in Seattle even though the berries are still ripe for the picking. There will almost certainly be literature available for purchase. Biotic resources such as solid and liquids must be brought on your own, and consumption of such things is condoned by me, your host. Inquire about the title of the event in person (digitally or otherwise). Please forward this to all potentially interested and definitely interested parties. Until Sunday!

1: Chelsea Tadeyeske

Chelsea Tadeyeske is a balloon that cannot be popped, an evening spooked with sunshine. Her first chapbook, heeldragger, was released in June 2012 through plumberries press. She would love it if she could become your penpal.

2: Cynthia Spencer

Cynthia Spencer is the author of the chapbook "in what sequence will my parts exit" (Plumberries Press 2010) and co-author of "THERE EXISTS..." with Chelsea Tadeyeske (Plumberries Press 2012).  She is also co-organizer of the Cloudburst Reading Series and the first annual Midwest Small Press Festival.  She lives in Milwaukee, WI.

3: Lobo Marino

Lobo Marino is an experimental indie-folk band from Richmond, VA.  Their music is inspired by meditation, chanting and the majestic sea lion.  Find them online at

4: Amaranth Borsuk

Amaranth Borsuk has been a resident of Seattle for 3 weeks and will begin teaching at the University of Washington, Bothell this fall. She is the author of Handiwork, selected by Paul Hoover for the Slope Editions book prize, the chapbook Tonal Saw, and, with programmer Brad Bouse, of Between Page and Screen, a book of augmented-reality poetry. She collaborates widely, most recently with Gabriela Jauregui, Kate Durbin, and Andy Fitch.

5: Alex Bleecker

Alex Bleecker finds and faux finds himself again and again almost every day; leaves his keys upstairs, forgets his wallet in last night’s pants, drops his phone in the car – fools himself into thinking nouns are, then remembers to verb so he can sleep a few.  It’s a death thing.  He’s from New Jersey.  He asks a lot of questions that start with “Re – if…”  Like the rest of us, he’s a piece of meat stuck to a couple of sticks. 

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