Apr 29, 2012

Call for submissions: Ginger Piglet

We want your most lively, vivid, voicy shit. We also want your 50 word bios. We really do. It's no trick. Put them in the cover letter.

Ginger Piglet is now accepting submissions for its monthly online edition. Submissions are now on a rolling basis. Wait until you hear from us before submitting again.

Send us your best previously unpublished and brief: flash, miniature, sentence, review, audio, video, essay, prose poem, interview, photo, poem, comic, letter, list (Christmas, grocery and otherwise) or combination thereof.This work can be real or fake. This work can be humorous or serious; love or hate; surreal or realist; connected or disconnected; political or not; dark or light (um, like meat or toast). This work must have voice. Please simultaneously submit. Let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We would like to bring you fame and notoriety, but we can't. Make us a 50 word or less bio of the most important and interesting words that also includes a link to your tweeter/blog/website. Unless you don't do that. If you don't do that, we suggest you start, immediately.

Someday we hope to pay, even if a small amount, to our contributors, but we can't do that either. We will publish once online and then archive your piece, maybe forever (this is negotiable). Mention us if your work should be published elsewhere.

We are also looking for Column Proposals: What would you like your column to be about? This can be of your own design and your columns from month to month can flit around the topic (ie, they don't have to be directly related, but they need to have some vague focus). The column doesn't have to be of literary nature, but GP is of course a literary magazine. I can give you an idea of GP's general interests in life, if you like, but primarily we're looking for strong, energetic, voiced writing with an interesting view on things (whatever those things are). Shoot me some ideas.

Send in the cover letter:
A potential title.
A syllabus of potential column ideas.
As attachment:
Two writing samples.
We want to know what's going on in your head and an idea of where you're headed.

Submit at gingerpigletpress.submishmash.com
Read current submissions at gingerpiglet.com

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