Jul 15, 2010

Publication Announcements:


Qarrtsiluni just released a print version of their Economy issue from last summer. As with our previous print editions, the interior is black and white with a full-color cover. Check out the preview at Phoenicia Publishing:
where you'll also find links for ordering.

If you'd like to revisit the issue online, go to
The online version remains the primary and most full-featured version of the issue, but a print edition gives words and images a kind of permanence they might not otherwise possess, should the global economy ever plunge into a deep enough depression to take down significant portions of the internet with it.

My poem "What did the News say about a Vacation? is in this issue of Qarrtsiluni.

Motif 2: Come What May, An Anthology of Writings about Chance

Inquiries for book dealers and librarians can be accessed on the MotesBooks website: http://motesbooks.com/MOTESRetailLibraryOrder.html

The third anthology series they are planning for 2011 on the motif of “work.” You can find the call for submissions to Motif 3 here: http://motesbooks.com/MOTIF-Call-For-Submissions.html. Please send them something to consider, and please be sure and pass the call around to your writing friends, colleagues, and students.

My poem "One Sperm" is published in Motif 2

Gertrude Journal, Issue 14

Gertrude 14 is now available for purchase. Features artist Rhonda Stone, writing by Laura Hershey, Cliff Bernier, Jeanine Stevens, Jon Lee Hart and Julene Tripp Weaver. Plus, an interview with Aaron Raz Link, co-author of What Becomes You (American Lives).

My poem "Sexual Revolution" is published in Gertrude 14.

Check out these journals and submit to future issues! Julene

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