Jul 8, 2010

Sarah Zale's The Art of Folding

Sarah Zale's The Art of Folding, a collection of poems inspired from her travels to Israel and the occupied territories, was published by Plain View Press in April, 2010.

Sam Hamill writes: "In these two major suites of poems, Sarah Zale has composed an epic, an eye-opening, heartrending book that should be read and read again…"

Carolyn Forché writes: "Sarah Zale's The Art of Folding  is a masterful work of sustained and interwoven lyrics, at once political and intimate, in which the gestures of daily life are seen as if for the first time in the light of history. …That she struggles toward the boundary between Israel and Palestine is a mark of her seriousness.  That she achieves this is a mark of her power."

Martha Silano (Blue Positive) writes: "… Her unique voice and music will captivate you, her images draw you in from the beginning (shirt, ironing, hair), as this important and necessary book gains momentum with each poem." 

Please order the book at www.sarahzale.com under the "Poetry & Links" tab. 

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