Jun 24, 2011

Call for submissions: Interrobang?!

Interrobang?! Magazine (http://interrobangzine.com/) is a web and print 'zine for the arts based dually in Providence, RI and New Orleans, LA. Our goal is to provide a formal venue for voices of all kinds, whether it be poetry, fiction, creative essays, photography, fine art, or experimental music and video. Don't be shy: we want your stories, your pictures, your music, your oddball esoterica. The interrobang symbol is meant to denote surprise, querying excitement or shocked disbelief; our publication seeks art that provokes this reaction, that astonishes, challenges and compels with its beauty or daring.

Submissions may be sent online at http://interrobangzine.submishmash.com/
Please submit each piece separately so that it may be individually evaluated. See http://www.interrobangzine.com/about/submit/ for further details.

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