Jun 15, 2011

Pongo Teen Writing call for volunteers

Pongo Friends,
This is an exciting time for me, when Pongo Teen Writing makes its annual Call for Volunteers for next school year. It's a privilege to get to know some of you better, as wonderfully accomplished, insightful, and creative people who honor Pongo with your commitment.
The Pongo opportunity will train you to help victims of childhood trauma (abuse, violent loss, etc.) to heal through poetry writing. The skills will benefit you in current and future careers in counseling and teaching. Pongo poetry writing is uniquely helpful for distressed individuals, and uniquely nurturing for caregivers.
Pongo volunteers are well trained, and they work in teams under an experienced leader. We have two sites currently, inside juvenile detention and inside the state psychiatric hospital for children. To begin the process for selection as a Pongo volunteer...
1. Please review the Pongo web site, including the volunteer commitment and expectations (You'll write your own poetry!) as described on the following page...
2. Carefully consider the volunteer schedule, which includes one of these times...
     * juvenile detention (Tuesdays, 12:00-3:15 pm, mid-Sept to mid-April, in Seattle)
     * the state psychiatric hospital for children (Mondays, 12:00-3:00, Oct-March, in Tacoma)
3. Email your resume and a writing sample (preferably poetry) to richard@pongoteenwriting.org .
4. In your resume or email message, please include all of your experience working with youth. Also, state your availability to volunteer on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon during the coming school year. If you are available both days, state your preference for working with Pongo inside juvenile detention or the psychiatric hospital. Finally, I'd like to hear why you're interested in Pongo and our mission. And I welcome your questions.
Cheers and Best Wishes!
Richard Gold
Pongo Teen Writing Project

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