Sep 2, 2008

Reading and Publication Party (from Beth Myhr)

Join us to celebrate Raven Chronicles' Vol 14, #, The Legacies Issue.

The issue pays homage to the likes of Alexander "Sandy" Taylor, the late publisher/editor of ground-breaking Curbstone Press, Abe Osheroff, Bob Reed and Dutch Schultz, Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Roslyn Zinn, late wife of historian Howard Zinn, and Charles Potts, 2008 WPA lifetime award winner, among others.

Contributors/readers for the evening:

Thomas Hubbard, Priscilla Long, Donna Miscolta,

Larry Laurence, Kathleen Alcala, Paul Nelson,

Michael Hureaux, Anna Balint, Jesse Minkert,

Gary Greaves, Carolyne Wright, Trudy Mercer,

Paul Hunter, John Olson, Larry Matsuda

NEW DATE: September 26, Friday, 7 p.m.

Jack Straw Foundation Building

4261 Roosevelt Way N.E. (Corner of 43rd & Roosevelt, in the U. District)

Info: 206-364-2045

Snacks will be shared.

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