Sep 2, 2008

Slope (call for submissions)

Submission Info

We are invested in you as poets and as people, but we do not care about your credentials, and neither do your poems. Please do not include a bio. Your poems should be the events through which we come to know you.

Submissions are read anonymously by the editors. All identifying marks are stripped from the poems prior to their being read.

Send us as few or as many poems as you find necessary. We would rather read one significant poem than five poems illustrating a passing or partial commitment to the form, or to life. Send us the poem you feel most strongly about—i.e. your NEXT poem.

Poems should either enhance the conversation that already exists, or start a new one. They should become conversation. Make us reassess our understanding of the contemporary.

We believe in pure encounter. Reading past issues of Slope will not give you any particular sense of what we are going to publish next.

If your poem is accepted elsewhere, please let us know, so we may find it and read it. Just because a poem is accepted by another journal, does not mean that we do not still want to be a part of its life.

Submit only during the month of September to: Include the word "SUBMISSION" in the subject line. The only contact information that we require is your email address—additional information will be requested upon acceptance of your work.

Future issues of Slope may include critical, audio, video and visual work. If you want to propose a particular project, please query the editors at: Please include the word "INQUIRY" in the subject line.


Joannie said...

I couldn't find any information in the guidelines about whether they want submissions in an attachment or in the body of the email message. I've asked them and have not yet heard. Stay tuned...

Jeff said...

I suspect they're OK with a single attachment in Word. The majority of online journals I've seen accept attachments, though there are obviously exceptions.