Jun 6, 2012

Mustarinda Residency in Hyrynsalmi, Finland (Artists, Writers, Researchers)

Located in Hyrynsalmi (Kainuu province, Finland), Mustarinda-residency offers rooms for artists, writers and researchers of varying fields. Available for rent are three artist studios and additionally three rooms suitable for researchers/writers.

Mustarinda is situated on the second highest summit in Kainuu, adjacent to the north-east edge of the Paljakka nature reserve. The surrounding view is of valuable, and in some places, completely untouched old-growth forests. Paljakka and Mustarinda are also some of Finland’s snowiest areas. Mustarinda is the only inhabited house on the summit.

Residency periods range from two weeks up to two months. The applicant may apply for a specific space depending on their needs and working methods. Depending on the timing, families can be accommodated by the larger bedrooms or two separate rooms.

The Mustarinda residency application is informal. It should include a preliminary work plan (max. 2 pages) and in the case of artists 3-5 images (jpg), working period dates and working space. Outside this deadline availabilities may be requested by email.

Applications may be sent to the e-mail address: info@mustarinda.fi

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