May 10, 2012

2012 Burnside Review Poetry Chapbook Contest

Deadline: June 30th.

Judge: Emily Kendal Frey.

Winner receives $200 and 25 copies. Submit up to 18-24 pages of poetry either electronically or through post. Complete details at or with a SASE to: Burnside Review, P.O. Box 1782, Portland, OR 97207.

Contest runs March 15th-June 30th.
—18 to 24 pages of poetry. Individual poems may be previously published. The writer’s name should appear nowhere on the manuscript.
—2 cover sheets, one with the title of the manuscript, your name, telephone number, and address. The second cover sheet should list only the title of the manuscript.
—A page acknowledging previously published work.

IF BY POST: Include a self addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order for $15- made out to Burnside Review. Entry must be postmarked by June 30th to: Burnside Review Fiction Contest, P.O. Box 1782, Portland OR 97207.
IF BY ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION: E-mail all of above a single Word file to Send $16- by Paypal to Fee and entry must be submitted within 24 hours of each other. Receipt of entry will be send after both arrive. (This method will save money and trees.)

The initial readers of the manuscripts will be Burnside Review staff members. They will choose between five and ten manuscripts as finalists to be passed on to the judge for selection of the winning collection.

We ask that former students or colleagues of the Burnside Review Chapbook Contest’s judge—as well as any writer whose relationship with the judge constitutes an unfair conflict of interest—refrain from entering the contest. The Burnside Review staff reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed conflicts of interest and will return those entry fees.
At no time will the judge have the names of the finalists.
Winner will receive 10 copies of the chapbook printed by Burnside Review Press and a cash prize of $200-.
All questions happily answered by e-mail :

EMILY KENDAL FREY is the author of The Grief Performance (published by Cleveland State University Poetry Center in 2011) as well as several chapbooks and chapbook collaborations. She lives in Portland and teaches at PCC.

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