May 30, 2012

Call for submissions: Brusque

For the masochistic among us....I suppose this entitles you to tell the editors what you think of their opinions....or buck teeth.

<<-- Brusque's editor, Stevie Edwards.

Founded in May 2012, Brusque is a new online poetry magazine that will be published bi-monthly. Each issue will be relatively brief, featuring poems from 3-5 poets.

Brusque aims to shake up the literary magazine submissions process by promising honest and at times belligerent responses to poetry submissions. Poetry acceptances need more flattery and rejections need more snark. Expect responses ranging from "This poem is so beautiful it makes me weep" to"Meh" to "Reading this poem makes me want a cartoon anvil to pulverize my skull."

Submit by July 31st to have your work considered for Brusque's inaugural issue, scheduled to come out in September 2012. Publication will be highly selective.

Submission instructions are at:

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