May 31, 2012

Call for submissions: Sycthe Literary Journal

From those cut-ups who bring you the Joe Milford Poetry Show comes the Sycthe Literary Journal, currently seeking submissions. In their words...

Send poems and prose-poems. Send us 3-5 of the ones that haunt you, the ones that deserve homes--prodigal orphans, the ones who stand at the edge of the forest and peer in, the ones who tend to stick in your craw. Send us the ones who like to fly too close to the sun. Send us the ones with the gut-wounds. Send us the ones with splinters in their thumbs, irregular polish on their toes. Send us the ones who smile from the corners of broken windows. The rickety pawnshop robots that still somehow work. We like those--we have a beer and some fried chicken for them. A guitar they can play with woodsy strings on it. A good sofa. A library burning like a hearth crackling.

We accept double submissions as long as you notify us abruptly and immediately when your work has been accepted elsewhere lest you face guillotine.

If you want to send these poems by fiber optical (we prefer email submissions), include your full name, a biography, and the poems in the body of an email and send them to:

Please do not send attachments for poems or biographies. You may attach a photo.

Reading period for Summer issue opens on Mayakovsky's death, April 14th and ends on July 21st, death of Robbie Burns.

Reading period for Winter issue opens August 12th, death of William Blake and closes on Halloween. Winter issue is dedicated to Emily Dickinson, born in December.

Reading Period for Spring issue begins December 16th, birth of Phillip K. Dick, and closes March 16th, death of Cesar Vallejo.        

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