May 30, 2012

Call for submissions: Hinchas de Poesia

Hinchas de Poesía is currently soliciting submissions for issue #7. The deadline for submitting work is July 25th; we foresee publishing issue #7 by August of 2012.

Hinchas is an online digital codex dedicated to contemporary Pan-American writing. Hinchas are Spanglish speakers,18-45, who grew up in populous Latino exurbs (Miami, Los Angeles, D.C.) and may or may not watch soccer, but know to call it fútbol. Hinchas are the homicidal fútbol fanatics of Latin America, particularly of the Argentine variety.

A short list of writers published between our digital pages includes: Tomaz Salamun, Campbell McGrath, Melinda Palacios, Yaddyra Peralta, Lous Bourgeois, Luivette Resto-Ometeotl, Guillermo Castro, Stephen Page, Nick Vagnoni, David Spicer, Chip Livingston, James Cervantes, Kristine Chalifoux, Bojan Louis, Shana Wolstein, Flavia Cosma, and M.G.Stephens.

Our reading period for our fall issue will run from Monday, May 21st, 2012 until Monday, July 25th 2012. Multiple submissions are permitted, but please do inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Poetry: Please submit up to three previously unpublished pieces. Please include your name, contact information, and the titles for your poems. All questions regarding poetry and poetry submissions should be directed to <heavily(at)hinchasdepoesia>.

Prose: Typically, we request that fiction submissions not exceed three thousand words. For issue #7, we request that submissions of micro-fiction not exceed one thousand words. Please include your name, contact information and the title of your piece(s). All questions regarding fiction and fiction submissions should be directed to <gonzo(at)>.

Translations: Please submit up to three previously unpublished translations alongside the work in the source language. Please include your name, contact information, and the titles for your translations; in addition, submit the name of the writer you have translated, their publisher information, and the original titles you have chosen to translate. All questions regarding translations and translation submissions should be directed to <yago(at)> .

Artwork: Please send art as a .jpeg image 2400 pixels wide (high res.) at a 72 dpi. To ensure compatability, please only attach images as .jpegs; please ensure that attachments are no larger than 24 MBs; if you are sending multiple images that exceed this capacity, send images seperately. All questions regarding art and art submissions should be directed to <Jennifer(at)>

Book Reviews: We request that reviews not exceed one thousand words, and that the subject, title, publisher, and year of publication appear clearly delineated. All questions regarding reviews and submissions of reviews should be addressed to the respective editors.
All submissions are handled through our Submittable account:

or through our website under the "Submissions" tab. We look forward to reading your best work; if you have any questions, please contact us at <info(at)> (replace (at) with @ in all email addresses).

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